Navy SEAL EXPOSES Shocking Thing Pentagon Forces Them to Do

Many have been shocked and outraged to discover how routinely our government fails our veterans after they come home and are in need of medical care. However, few have realized that our government also routinely fails our Special Forces soldiers while they are still on the battlefield. Shockingly, many of our elite soldiers are being forced to go out-of-pocket to supply their own gear to defend America.


A number of Navy SEALs recently confided in California Rep. Duncan Hunter that their respective teams in Iraq and Afghanistan were suffering from a rifle shortage.

Associated Press explained that the shortage had become so severe that SEALs were being forced to share rifles, which was a big problem given that every rifle is fine-tuned to its holder and thus becomes an “intensely personal” piece of gear.

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According to Hunter, the problem was not due to a lack of money, but rather wasteful spending.

“There is so much wasteful spending,” he said. “Money is not reaching the people it needs to reach.”

One of the SEALs who spoke with Hunter felt a bit differently. He reportedly blamed the penny-pinching government, arguing that officials cared more about sticking to budgetary constraints than they did about what the SEALs themselves needed and how they felt.

The SEAL also complained about the screening process for new purchases. He maintained that it takes so long for purchases to be approved — up to four years, in fact — that better equipment is already available by the time they finally get their requested guns.

Ammunition for training missions was also in short supply, he stated, noting that most of it was being used for combat missions. Moreover, some SEALs had even begun buying their own equipment, including helmets.

So, in essence, those who volunteer to become the elite soldiers of the United States military can expect to be placed in incredibly-dangerous situations and are expected to furnish their own gear.

If they are unlucky enough to be wounded, they can expect to shipped stateside where they will languish within the bowels of the horribly-dysfunctional VA system.


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