Rory Feek Makes Shocking Announcement Just Days Before Joey’s Funeral

Rory Feek Makes Shocking Announcement Just Days Before Joey’s Funeral

Rory plans to keep his angel wife’s legacy alive! She encouraged him to continue on, doing good things, and some of those good things were specified by her… and he intends to do it!


It’s been almost a week since one of God’s greatest creations joined him in heaven after a grueling battle with cervical cancer.

The pain of losing such an inspirational person just got a lot easier to bare when I heard how Joey’s husband and musical partner, Rory Feek, plans to honor her.

In a recent interview, Rory Feek announced that he plans to write a book about Joey’s life.

“She [Joey] encouraged me to write a book. Joey and I have both experienced the power of living, and telling a great story, so I hope to be able to continue writing and being part of a great story,” Rory said.

And that’s not the only big plan Rory’s announced…

“She talked to me about how she wants me to continue to tell our story, and other stories,” Rory said. “This past spring I co-wrote and directed my first film, and she wants me to go on and continue writing and making more movies.”

Joey + Rory supporters feel extremely blessed to hear his beautiful plans to keep Joey’s legacy alive with this book.

His ability to captivate readers and tug at their hearts has already been experienced by millions with his blog “This Life I Live”, which chronicled his wife’s inspiring journey with terminal cancer. Rory’s gift as a songwriter pours through every word he’s written.

“Without realizing I was doing it, God has allowed me to capture hours and hours of Joey and her life at home on the farm, raising Indiana and playing music. I can’t help but believe that those clips will be an important part of keeping Joey’s memory alive in Indy’s heart,” he explained.

Good for him and good luck to him!

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