Neighbors Thought They’d Packed Up and Left… What Cops Found Years Later? UNBELIEVABLE

Neighbors Thought They’d Packed Up and Left… What Cops Found Years Later? UNBELIEVABLE

There is nothing about this story that isn’t tragic and heart-breaking. It is absolutely a warning to everyone to take to heart the welfare of their neighbors. Remember, you can always call the police to perform a welfare check and they are obliged to do it every time.

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From AWM:

In Tennessee, two elderly twins disappeared into their home and were not seen again for three years. Finally, authorities solve the mystery that had baffled neighbors.

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Anthony and Andrew Johnson, sixty three, had shared a home for over four decades but had been considered reclusive by their neighbors. Finally, police were asked to make contact with them and discovered the brothers had passed away together.

On March 29th, police were called to the Johnson home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by a relative to check on their wellbeing. Upon entering the house, the officers discovered the decomposed remains of both brothers sitting in matching recliners in the living room. They investigated the house and found no signs of fouls play, and an autopsy showed that there was no evidence of trauma to the bodies.

While the cause of death has not be released, pending toxicology reports, authorities confirm that they had passed away in 2011.

The Johnson Brothers’ story is particularly enigmatic because they had been described as having “lived a hermit lifestyle,” and various peculiarities also helped muddy the waters.

According to neighbors, they were known to wear surgical masks when gardening, had always kept their curtains drawn and the lawn had been maintained regularly, even after the brothers passed away.

Speaking to the media, neighbor Linda Maffett said, “I didn’t even know their names.”

She went on to relate a story about once helping one of the brothers who had fallen on the porch and having him mention to her that his brother was deaf.

Maffett added, “I really felt bad that it happened and I didn’t have the courage to go barging over there and knock on the door when I had that gut feeling.”

It’s not being nosy to show concern for an elderly, disabled or reclusive neighbor.

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