See the Commercial That Was BANNED Before It Aired on TV [VIDEO]

See the Commercial That Was BANNED Before It Aired on TV [VIDEO]

With all of the disgusting crap that is allowed on television for our kids to accidentally stumble across, what on EARTH could be so bad that they would ban it? And perhaps more importantly, is it appropriate for content to be banned by a government entity?

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From AWM:

While we like to think that America is a land of free speech, it seems to be more the case that TV networks and other entities have the ability to limit the information we hear. When an institution doesn’t like a message, they sometimes do their best to prevent it from reaching innocent ears. Like a peaceful protestor at a Trump rally who is removed from the premises because their message might give people a new perspective.

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But when it comes to our children, a little censorship is probably good. We don’t want the next generation of kids seeing and hearing things that are too vulgar at such a young age. Unfortunately, children are getting smartphones and iPads at younger ages and therefore access to the internet where they can view pretty much anything they want…

This IKEA commercial was deemed too hot for TV. They might have been trying to overcompensate after news that their furniture kills toddlers got out. So it was banned in America before it could ever air. But what do you think? Is it a good thing our children didn’t get to see this commercial on TV?
While this IKEA commercial might be a little risqué, one thing is certain – this commercial is hilarious. Once you give it a watch, you’ll find yourself snorting with laughter. At least I did…

The ad starts with a woman undressing when she gets home from work. But things escalate pretty quickly from there. The spot starts with the picture of the heavyset woman walking inside. She hangs up her scarf and then the camera goes in for a close up on the woman’s black boots as her coat drops to the floor.

She rushes into the living room holding a pitch fork. But that’s when things start to get extremely weird. Mom turns on the hillbilly music and then dad pops his head up from behind the couch. He’s snorting like a pig and is wearing a mask with a pink nose.

Mom starts to chase dad around with the pitch fork as he runs about on all fours. Now what happens within someone’s home is none of my business, but this is ridiculously funny!

When she gets close enough, mom pulls off dad’s underwear. That’s when the parents realize their shocking mistake. Their daughter and her boyfriend come home from their date. She realizes that she caught her parents in the middle of their “fun.” How embarrassing for the young girl.

The message at the end translates to: “About time to move away from home?”

Watch the Norwegian commercial below:

While I understand that parents can never monitor what content their children are exposed to 100% of the time, was it appropriate for the American government to ban this commercial from airing?

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