Netanyahu Brings the House Down, Gives Powerful Speech on Israel’s Will to Face Down Iranian Terror Regime

Netanyahu Brings the House Down, Gives Powerful Speech on Israel’s Will to Face Down Iranian Terror Regime

Though our current regime seems compelled to tacitly assist rogue nations in their quest to destroy the West with nuclear weapons, Israel’s leadership has taken a firm stance. IJ Review reports on Benjamin Netanyahu’s awesome speech before the AIPAC and reveals what a real leader sounds like:


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned today he has a “moral obligation to speak up in the face” of Iran getting a nuclear weapon.

At a meeting of American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, D.C., Netanyahu pointed to a map during his speech:

It shows Iran training, arming, dispatching terrorists on five continents.

Iran envelopes the world with its tentacles of terror.

This is what Iran is doing now without nuclear weapons. Imagine what Iran will do with nuclear weapons.

And this same Iran vows to annihilate Israel.

ABC News reports Netanyahu received a sustained, cheering standing ovation when he recalled the Jewish people before the state of Israel was established and how they couldn’t speak or fight for themselves. He then thundered:

The days when the Jewish people are passive in the face of threats to annihilate us; those days are over

Netanyahu also said the relationship between Israel and the Obama administration is strong, even though the President has been upset by and called for a boycott of Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress tomorrow.

“My speech is not intended to show any disrespect to President Obama or the esteemed office that he holds,” Mr. Netanyahu said, according to the NY Times. “I have great respect for both.”

However, the Israeli Prime Minister reiterated that his nation will act alone, if necessary.

The Obama administration, represented by Ambassador to the UN Samantha Powers, appeared to try stemming Netanyahu’s criticism even before it took place. The NY Times reported that she said:

“The United States of America will not allow Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon… Period.”

A leader must be willing to unabashedly call-out the dangers facing his nation. As Netanyahu sounds the alarm bell, our president not only seeks to aid Iran in obtaining the means with which to destroy the West, but also simply refuses to recognize radical Islam as a danger.

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