Norway Deports Radical Muslims… What Happened Next is a Lesson for Us All

Norway Deports Radical Muslims… What Happened Next is a Lesson for Us All

While many peacefully practice Islam, what our nation’s leaders need to realize is that many do not. Norway recognized this simple fact and according to Conservative Tribune, have been seeing tremendous benefits ever since they recognized the danger of radical Islam:


The Muslim population of Europe is growing at a rapid clip, and the criminal and radical elements within that population are stealthily “conquering” land, one neighborhood, town, and city at a time.

But the people of Europe have begun to push back against this cultural encroachment, with some countries taking steps to control and downsize their Muslim populations.

Norway is one of those countries, and they began deporting radical and criminal Muslims back from whence they came last year.

Amazingly, they have seen their violent crime rate drop by nearly 1/3rd since they began deportations in earnest last fall.

In September of last year, Norway deported a record 763 people, only to top that record just one month later, when they deported another 824 people in October.

According to the Young Conservatives, this is likely due to a change in “portfolio priorities,” as well as an easing of the requirements for sending people back to Afghanistan and Nigeria, among other countries.

Norway had set a goal of just over 7,000 deportations for 2014, and had nearly reached their goal by the end of October, with at least 5, 876 deported at that time.

Final deportation numbers for the year are not yet available, but considering the rate at which Norway was deporting criminal and radical Muslims, it is probably a safe assumption that the goal was reached.

It should be noted that while a small percentage of those deportations were asylum seekers that had their petition denied, the vast majority of those deported had criminal records or clear ties to radical Islamic terrorist groups.

Now that the people of Norway are a little bit safer, and certainly experiencing less violent crime, perhaps other European nations, and even America, should closely examine what Norway is doing, and begin to do the same themselves.

While we must be careful to not discriminate based on religious beliefs, we must also learnt to be realistic about what dangers face us. Radical Islam is such a danger.

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