Oakland Kids Who Cuss Teachers Out No Longer Need To Worry About Getting Suspended

Apparently if you curse out your teachers in Oakland, disrupt the class, or in any way don’t listen to them…you can’t get punished for it anymore. I honestly don’t understand school districts anymore.

On Wednesday night, board members of the Oakland Unified School District voted to phase the punishment out over the next year because of concerns that black students are disproportionately suspended for such misbehavior, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

School officials broadly define this kind of misconduct under the category of willful defiance. It’s a catchall. Other examples include everything from refusing to remove a hat at a teacher’s request, to sleeping in class, to walking out of class without permission.

Are we really at a point where the appropriateness of cursing out students is now a black/white issue?  Actually, don’t answer that.

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