This Black Reverend Has a BOLD Message About Who’s “Worse Than the KKK”

This Black Reverend Has a BOLD Message About Who’s “Worse Than the KKK”

There’s a reason Al Sharpton, and his fellow race-hustlers, haven’t been quick to point out the failure of liberal governments in Ferguson, Baltimore, and New York. It’s called job security. And the perpetual campaign against alleged racism is the only way someone like Sharpton knows how to earn a paycheck. Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, on the other hand, is more honest about the race relations in modern America.


While everyone else is busy blaming conservatives, Republicans and “the white man” in general, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has another theory.

“Modern day civil rights leaders are the worst enemy of black Americans,” said the reverend. “These black ‘leaders’ are worse than the Ku Klux Klan and skinheads combined.”

… The author of “Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America,” Peterson places the blame for the Baltimore disaster squarely on “civil rights leaders” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (H/T WND).

He compared those men to the KKK, he said, “because these people have deceived black Americans and enslaved them to programs. They’ve also made them dependent on false leaders.”

If America is to continue as a successful country, its people must be united. Each and every citizen, regardless of race, must take personal responsibility for their own lives, jobs, and actions and refuse government handouts that diminish individual freedom.

The Reverend is right. The chaos in Baltimore is not the result of racist policies, conservative politicians, or Republican budget cuts… It is the result of liberalism, and the left’s fascination with driving a wedge between sectors of the American public. Modern day “civil rights” leaders (cough*AlSharpton*cough) feed off of the chaos produced in cities like Baltimore.

It’s not too surprising therefore, that Sharpton & Co belong to the same political party that gave birth to the Ku Klux Klan. Reverend Peterson seems to be on to something.

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