Obama Jumps the Shark: Says Clinton’s private email account was news to him

How many times has Obama said he found something out through news reports like the general public? The so called most intelligent man ever elected to the office of the presidency didn’t know what was happening at the IRS, the VA, Benghazi, and didn’t notice Hillary’s emails did not have “.gov” at the end of it? He thinks we’re as stupid as his Democrat base of voters.

CNS News reports President Barack Obama says it was through news reports that he first learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private, non-government email account while serving as his secretary of state.

In an interview Saturday with CBS News, Obama says he’s glad that Clinton has instructed that those emails about official business be disclosed. He also maintains that his administration remains the most transparent administration ever.

Clinton has drawn criticism for using a private server during the four years she was the nation’s top diplomat. Her sidestepping official government email also raises questions about whether all pertinent messages have been preserved as well as turned over for congressional investigations and lawsuits.

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Hillary instructing the State Dept to release her emails is another insult to the intelligence of the American people. She maintained her own servers offsite in her home in New York, not Washington D.C. She has full control of all her emails outside of the government’s servers and it’s totally against the law. There’s no way possible to know how many emails were on her servers in New York without physically confiscated them. She could delete everything without a trace, if she knows how, and we’ll never know unless her servers were examined. Anybody with basic IT knowledge already knows this so her appearance of cooperating is just another deception on her part.

Samuel Gonzalez

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