Obamacare In Its DEATH SPIRAL Last Days…Insurers Are Jumping Ship In Droves! [VIDEO]

Obamacare In Its DEATH SPIRAL Last Days…Insurers Are Jumping Ship In Droves! [VIDEO]

Obamacare was always going to fail. It was not intended to survive. You can’t run the numbers and make the leaps that Obama and the majority of the Democrats did without knowing that bad numbers and guesses would catch up to us all. When only the poor sign up for it and use tax money to pay for it, that’s a huge sign that you just created a leaning tower of Jello.


But hey, having to sign the bill before you see what’s in the bill was fun, right?

The insurers were totally fine with the outcome. They got their money, so why would they care? Profits were rolling in, even if it was on tax money.

No, for insurers, the problem was something totally different and human: People hate Obamacare so much, that they have opted out of it in droves, staying usually if only a life threatening ailment or serious diseases keeps them there. So what caused the big fall of Obama’s baby? Simple. Its policies. The deductibles and co-pays keep breaking through the roof with each successive renewal period. The bronze plan provided, for a family of four, hits the $11,000 range and above.

So why have insurance at all if the price for Obamacare and no insurance are in the same range?

So now that the problem is getting progressively worse by the period, insurers, to keep from hemorrhaging cash out of every orifice, keep raising premiums, co-pays and deductibles. With each hike in the price, ObamaCare becomes an insurance program that is only suited for those people that already pay a ton of money for their insurance…and can afford it.


As for the defenders and framers of The Affordable Care Act, like I wrote, they knew from the beginning that it would not be sustainable. Now we all have to suffer for the arrogance of a few…

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