PICTURE: Check Out this Young Student’s Unvarnished Opinion of Obama

PICTURE: Check Out this Young Student’s Unvarnished Opinion of Obama

The president is the executive which, as the word suggests, is the executor of the will of the people embodied in Congress. Yet, time and time again, President Obama explains his unwillingness to abide by the will of the people with excuses. According to a report from Western Journalism, even a young child sees what Barack Obama has become.


According to unsubstantiated reports by at least two online publishers, a student name Jaden wrote a three-word answer to a classroom quiz that revealed insightfulness beyond his years. An image of the purported assignment suggests students were expected to answer a series of questions about the president using complete sentences. Scroll down to view the complete image.

When Jaden encountered the third question, reports claim, he responded with a thought that resonates with many Americans frustrated with the current administration.

“What is one thing the president does?” the quiz purportedly asked.

“He gives excuses,” the reply states.

As Western Journalism has extensively reported, Barack Obama is no stranger to criticism that he would rather pass the buck than accept responsibility for his actions. Ahead of last year’s midterm elections, in which Democrat candidates were trounced across the nation, Obama claimed it was not his leftist policies that would spell November defeat, but a disengaged populace.

Americans do not “disagree with us on the issues,” he insisted, but rather have lost faith in the whole system and “just say, ‘You know what? I’m not going to bother; I’m not going to vote.’”

Obama’s presidency has been punctuated by numerous statements construed by his critics as evidence of his excuse-making. Finding such a denunciation in a child’s scrawl, however, prompted a reaction by many who saw the image.

That’s pretty dead-on. If our president were half as interested in solving America’s problems as he was in hob-nobbing with celebrities and golfing, America’s position in the world would not be slipping.


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