Police Officer Gets Called Into The Principal’s Office – Breaks Down In Tears When He Learns Why… [VIDEO]

Police Officer Gets Called Into The Principal’s Office – Breaks Down In Tears When He Learns Why… [VIDEO]

Ah yes, this is beautiful. Right now, as I am sure you are aware, our men and women in blue are very literally under attack by Obama’s America and the idiots it has created over the span of 8 years.


Obama’s America has resurrected the motherload of racism thanks to entitled snots like the activist terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, and breathing new life into the ‘NEW’ Black Panthers.

So, typically when you see a headline with a Police Officer involved in today’s society, it brings a sick feeling to your gut thinking it’s going to be another story of blue lives taken because of the hatred that Obama has nourished silently from the top.

However, I promise you, this story is not one of those. In fact, this story…is going to touch your heart and hopefully instill a little hope for the future when you see what these high school kids have done for one very deserving police officer.

This officer’s name is Mitch Brouillette and he is a proud husband, a very devoted father and a police officer that has made lasting positive impressions on today’s youth.

The students at a high school in Brentwood, California, wanted to make sure he knew just how appreciated he was and set up the perfect scenario to both shock and surprise him.


He never saw it coming…

That’s the kind of treatment a hero deserves.

TAKE NOTE COLIN KAEPERNICK! These kids just schooled you in some definitions you obviously have never learned yourself. RESPECT, INTEGRITY AND HONOR.

What these kids did is beneficial to more than just their hero. It is also teaching them as they serve others and show their gratitude, they too learn and grow from the experience. A positive experience that will strengthen their minds and as a result fortify their character.

The kind of character that America needs most right now.

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