Pre-K intern Malthe Thomsen accused of molesting 13 children has all charges dropped as a “legal matter”

Pre-K intern Malthe Thomsen accused of molesting 13 children has all charges dropped as a “legal matter”

Picture this? Let’s say someone accused you of child molestation and you know it’s totally untrue.
You get arrested for it anyway and during police questioning they say, “We got you on video doing the dirty deed!”

Question: If you know it’s totally untrue and the police, who can legally lie to a suspect in the course of an interrogation, would you confess to something that’s not true just because they say a video shows you doing the crime?

I wouldn’t!

But, Malthe Thomsen did!

kindergartenNY Daily News reports prosecutors dismissed charges Thursday against an intern at a pricey preschool who was accused of molesting 13 children.
Malthe Thomsen, 22, was cleared before a packed courtroom by prosecutors who said that “after a careful and thorough investigation” they decided they “could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Previously, they revealed that all but one of the 4- and 5-year-olds allegedly molested at the International Preschools on E. 45th St. had denied there was any wrongdoing.

Thomsen, who hails from Denmark and worked at the school as an intern, and his parents broke down in tears after hearing the news at an afternoon hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Thomsen said he was “relieved most of all” and vowed to pursue his “passion” of teaching after he finishes school in Copenhagen.

The allegations by the co-worker, Mariangela Kefalas, would not bring him down, he said.

“I won’t let one person and a crazy justice system ruin that,” he said, telling reporters that he has pending job offers from supporters at home.

“I really don’t know what to say about Mariangela because at no point in time I’ve been able to comprehend why she’s done the things she’s done,” he added.

Prosecutors cleared Thomsen “as a legal matter” but refused to adopt the coerced confession argument his lawyers put forward because of a lack of corroborating evidence.

“The people thoroughly investigated these claims and found no evidence that the defendant’s statements were improperly obtained or that they were false,” Assistant District Attorney Rachel Ferrari said.

Thomsen’s lawyer, Jane Fisher-Byrialsen, described the ordeal as a “witch-hunt” and ripped the DA for dragging her client through the mud as they tossed the case.
“Their explanation is a cop-out,” she said, adding she was relieved at the ultimate result.
She has previously said Thomsen was coerced by lying investigators who said they had footage of him engaging in the conduct, which was untrue.

Fisher-Byrialsen said Thomsen is considering a federal lawsuit.

Kefalas was later fired from the prestigious pre-K near the United Nations building, which caters to wealthy families.

She is suing International Preschools for what she claims was wrongful termination.

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I don’t know what happened in this case. But, if somebody told me they had a 12 hour miniseries showing me committing child abuse, I STILL would never confess to something I know didn’t happen, it’s not true, and a is a flat out lie!


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