Q&A Friday #99: Obama’s Cabinet Appointments

Question: “Leaving aside all the pre-election predictions and hand-wringing about Obama, what do his Cabinet appointments say about his governing style / ideology / chances of persuading Congress to enact his programs?” — metatron

Answer: Very little.

Setting aside the fact that many of Obama’s selections are not moderate as many people in the media are making them out to be, cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President and do as they’re told. So, if Obama wants to go left, they’ll go left.

Of course, Obama will be constrained to a certain extent by the economic crisis, potential foreign policy disasters, and the American people, who don’t find large parts of the liberal agenda palatable.

However, Obama’s limited voting record is extremely liberal, he has a large liberal majority in Congress, and his base is going to absolutely demand that he move to the left.

So, if you’re going to veer way off to the left, what better way to cover your tracks than to espouse moderate principles and appoint pols who are not perceived as raving lefties?

Soon, the speculation will be over and we’ll get to see if Obama pursues ultra-left wing policies like socialized medicine, union card check, the Fairness Doctrine, getting rid of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a global cap and trade program, government make work programs, raising taxes by canceling the Bush tax cuts, or closing Gitmo.

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