Rand Paul Says If This Happens Next Week, He’s Ending His Campaign

Rand Paul Says If This Happens Next Week, He’s Ending His Campaign

There comes a point in any campaign where the candidate has to honestly assess his or her chances of moving forward. That moment may arrive this week for Rand Paul. What do you think, should he or should he not, drop out of the Presidential race?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Saturday indicated he may end his White House bid if he does not end up in the main stage of CNN’s GOP presidential debate on Tuesday.

“We will make an announcement, on that, on Tuesday,” Paul told reporters when asked about whether he will remain in the race if he drops to the undercard debate, according to the Boston Globe. A spokesman later told the newspaper that the senator was referring to whether he would participate in the undercard debate next Tuesday.

The Hill reported Friday that Paul faces a serious risk of missing the prime-time debate, depending on how his polling this weekend goes.

Under CNN’s rules, a candidate can make the main stage if they garner 3.5 percent in an average of national polls, or 4 percent in an average of polls in either Iowa or New Hampshire.

Paul’s best hope is a weekend bump in Iowa polling.

He garnered 3 percent support in a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll released Saturday afternoon.

CNN will reveal the lineup for the debate on “State of the Union” on Sunday morning.

Thursday is the day we may find out if he decides to stay in or get out. Either way, it does not appear that Senator Paul is a real contender for the nomination. But things have been known to change. Politics is predictably unpredictable.

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