Some Brits are FURIOUS w/ Trump after he tells unhappy truth about ISIS & Muslims in the Military

Some Brits are FURIOUS w/ Trump after he tells unhappy truth about ISIS & Muslims in the Military

Brits are heated with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his claims that more British Muslims join ISIS than the Army. Over 527,000 Brits have signed a petition requesting that Donald Trump be banned from entering the UK.

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His critics were fast to reply, accusing him of being ‘racist’, ‘grotesque’ and even ‘more disgusting than Hitler’. However other commenters said he was ‘right’ and called the feature a ‘scary article’.

Separately, it has been revealed the UK Government petition calling for Mr Trump to be banned from Britain for ‘hate speech’ is the most popular ever, signed by more than 525,000 people.

In a series of outbursts, the billionaire tycoon said ‘UK politicians should be thanking me’ for his claim that some of the country’s Muslim communities are no-go areas because of extremism.

This is tricky because we don’t really know the true number of British Muslims who are secretly in ISIS in comparison to those who are full blown ISIS. The number could be higher than expected. It does become tricky because 527,000 isn’t exactly a small number.

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69 year old Donald Trump must have really irritated the UK if THAT many people signed. Then again, we all know how the Internet and computers work. How many of those 527,000 signatures are real? How many were generated by a computer program generating random names and signatures? What’s the real truth? Are Brits scared to say something about ISIS, in fear of a retaliation, because Brits don’t actually know anything about who is and is not in ISIS? Are they playing it cool hoping ISIS skips their town? Should we ask Anonymous to investigate?

Are Brits are like Canadians and simply minding their own business and not involving themselves in the Drama?

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