REVEALED: Clinton’s HIV Scandal

REVEALED: Clinton’s HIV Scandal

In the new book, Bill & Hillary: So This Is That Thing Called Love, the writers share information they gathered from interviewing Clinton insiders. The creepy part that makes this article worth sharing… is what these insiders informed the authors on. Just when you thought the Clintons could not provide anymore ‘SHOCK’ factor to their life story…they do.


Clinton insiders who claim that Bill slept with so many women that Hillary Clinton has repeatedly forced him to get an HIV test from the doctor. This is because the former President “favored unprotected sex.”

And while the first tests came back negative, HIV and AIDS might explain an ongoing mystery. Over the years, both Clintons have kept their medical records a secret. Clinton has explained his rapidly changing appearance to his heart surgery and “new diet” but he has looked increasingly thin and weak at Hillary campaign rallies.

As Rush Limbaugh opined, looking at Bill Clinton on the campaign trail, Rush only sees Preparation H, Geritol, Fixodent, and Depends. Bill Clinton looks like his health is on a rapid recline.

Bill Clinton is roughly the same age as President George W. Bush. But while Bush looks healthy, Clinton only becomes older and frail.

Even a former Clinton White House advisor admits Bill looks unhealthy and “washed-up”:

Former Bill Clinton advisor and television personality Dick Morris thinks his old boss isn’t looking too good these days.
“I didn’t recognize the character that was on TV,” Morris said of Bill Clinton’s recent interview with NBC News in a video released Monday. “He was washed-out, he was listless, he was apathetic, he was very slow-talking and even slower thinking!”

It must be awful to have an entire book dedicated to having all your dark secrets exposed… the anxiety of it all as to be huge. This is a good reason…to just choose to live honestly. No baggage to answer to.

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