REVEALED: Here’s What the GOP Elites Are Hiding About Trump

REVEALED: Here’s What the GOP Elites Are Hiding About Trump

As we are all observing, there has never been quite the storm there is now leading up to an elections. Reports are showing there are over half of republicans supporting Donald Trump for the nominee…

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In the latest Monmouth University national poll of Republican voters, 54 percent say their party should nominate the current GOP front-runner if he continues to lead the delegate count come July. Another 34 percent would prefer a contested convention in which someone other than Trump emerges as the nominee.

Of the voters who oppose Trump’s candidacy, 55 percent want someone other than the billionaire nominated at the convention, while 31 percent of that group still believe the party should nominate Trump if he has the highest delegate count.

The candidate most Trump opponents want as their nominee is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. Thirty-three percent of voters in favor of a contested convention would like Cruz to be the GOP nominee, 23 percent would like Ohio Gov. John Kasich and 10 percent want Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

For further information on the details of this poll CLICK HERE:

It will be interesting how things will turn out…the anticipation is sometimes too much!

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