She Found a Boy in Her Teen Daughter’s Bed. What She Did Next? OMG… [PHOTOS]

She Found a Boy in Her Teen Daughter’s Bed. What She Did Next? OMG… [PHOTOS]

A Mother, Jeannette Woods was out late one night, and when she returned home, there was a strange vehicle in her drive way, the front door was unlocked….and something was just NOT right. So she investigated further…and what she found, has her heading to jail now.


36-year-old mom Jeannette Woods recently arrived home around 1 a.m., expecting her daughter to be in bed and everything to be normal. Instead she found a strange car in the drive-way, an open front door and a 16-year-old boy in bed with her precious child, also 16.

The two had fallen asleep together after having consensual sex, but Woods quickly woke them up with a fright. She grabbed a baseball bat, started smashing it into the boy’s arms, face and body. He barely managed to get out of there, fleeing with only his jeans and his life – barely.

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According to KNXV, the young girl also ran away from the scene, understandably frightened out of her mind by her mother’s manic actions. Woods didn’t just let the boy run home though, chasing him through the streets and continuing to beat him.

Eventually she stopped, letting him off with a final warning that her cousins were coming to “take care of him.” In response the boy vomited up blood and called 911. Once police arrived, they found his car down the street where Woods had moved it – only after doing about $5,300 in damages and stealing some items from inside.

This wasn’t her first brush with the law either, as in 2012 she was charged with felony intimidation for beating a 17-year-old neighbor with a metal baton.

Do you think she was justified? What would you have done?

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