UNBELIEVABLE: Muslims Say the U.S. Government is More Dangerous than ISIS

UNBELIEVABLE: Muslims Say the U.S. Government is More Dangerous than ISIS

Want to know what moderate Muslims REALLY believe? America, apparently is more dangerous than ISIS. Who knew? This panel of real Muslim Americans will shock you with what they have to say:

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We have all read about or seen videos of the horrific atrocities used by ISIS. As we speak the radical Islamic terrorist group is carrying out group executions, beheadings, torture, kidnappings, sexual enslavement, and systematic rape of Christian girls and women.

Genocide is occurring across the Middle East, particularly in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and northern Africa.

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It seems like ISIS can’t possibly get more barbaric, yet, American Muslims who participated in a CBS focus group last week audaciously claimed that they fear the United States government and Americans more than ISIS.

From PJ Media:

Frank Luntz, political strategist and CBS News contributor, spoke to a group of Muslim-Americans last week about the “anti-Muslim” sentiment in America.

In the focus group, Muslim-Americans explained to Luntz why they don’t fear ISIS. He also asked the participants if they had a problem with the government bombing ISIS.

“It’s not going to solve anything,” one female panelist said on bombing ISIS. “I was born in ’93. My whole entire life we have been in a time of war … ISIS does not have the capabilities to destroy America. Our military spending is better than the next 7 or 10 countries combined. I am not scared of ISIS, I’m not. I am scared of my government, actually. I am more scared of my government than I am of ISIS.”

Luntz asked another participant if he was afraid of the U.S. Government more than ISIS.

“…I feel like every morning when I wake up, am I going to be mad because I am black in America? Or am I going to be mad because I am Muslim in America?” the panelist answered, after which fellow panelists clapped.

Oh, I’m sorry. You said that you can be Muslim and American and not choose. That being both simultaneously is possible. If these Muslim Americans feel so badly about this country and fear Americans more than ISIS, they have the freedom to leave. You aren’t being held at gunpoint, plain and simple.

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