Shocking Video Exposes Blatant Bias from Debate Moderators

Shocking Video Exposes Blatant Bias from Debate Moderators

There are days when I just wish I was a bear and I could hibernate through the entire election and have someone wake me when it’s all over. The waiting is worse than the final results. Why? Because at least after we know who is going to be in the White House we can prepare accordingly.


However, another reason for the want to hibernate is not wanting to witness these HORRID debates where everything just seems rigged to compliment Hillary ‘Satan’ Clinton.

It’s rough to watch.

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There is nothing that bothers me more than injustice…and this my friends is an injustice to the American people.

Can we not just cut the crap, keep it real and let these two presidential candidates debate?

Of course not, this is Obama’s America and the ‘truth’ is too much to ask for.

Just as the first debate, this second one was a ‘safe place’ for Hillary Clinton and left not even a trench for Trump to dive into under moderator fire.

However, despite that, Trump didn’t let them get one over on him. He spoke when he wanted to speak and disallowed them to box the debate into a pretty little present for Hillary Clinton.

Here are some moments of that happening, captured here in this video:

Yes…the moderators ran their mouths and Hillary rolled her eyes, but Trump still STEAMROLLED them all. Their behavior is sickening really…and probably more so for me because I cannot stand when people see the truth, know the truth and still opt to cover it up and believe the lies.

Look, I am aware that Trump isn’t the best in debates and his debates aren’t always clever. It’s not his forte. However, he is much easier to understand because he speaks what he thinks. Instead of Hillary who speaks what has been discussed, outlined, schemed up and practiced in script reading with a whole lot of other people who are just as dishonest and corrupt as she is.

That’s not who we want running a country. At least with Trump, we’ll know what’s happening. The door to his office is always open…Clinton has hers bolted in 6 different places with a witch’s spell cast on it so only those with the right corrupt password can enter.

Just saying.

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