Teen Hit With Major Drug Trafficking Charges Let Off Because Who Her Dad Is

Teen Hit With Major Drug Trafficking Charges Let Off Because Who Her Dad Is

By Right Wing News’ Cassy Fiano

Nepotism exists, especially in government. So, when a cutesy teenager got caught with lots of drugs and was let out of jail on a relatively low bond after only spending one day in prison, people couldn’t help but notice who her father was.

19 year-old Sarah Furay was caught with a huge array of drugs in her apartment: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy. And it wasn’t just the variety of drugs that raised eyebrows — it was the amounts. Furay was caught with 31.5 grams of packaged cocaine, 29 tablets of ecstasy, 126 grams of marijuana, 60 doses of a drug related to LSD and an unverified amount of methamphetamine. She also had two digital scales, packaging material and a handwritten drug price list.

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Furay was, not surprisingly, arrested on three counts of manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance and one count of possession. What raised eyebrows even more, however, was that she was released from jail after just one day, with her bail set at just $39,000. When people realized that Furay was the daughter of a DEA agent, people immediately began questioning if she was being given preferential treatment.

Bill Furay has been with the DEA since 2008, overseeing operations in Texas to stop drug trafficking — which his daughter was charged with. In 2009, a two-year undercover joint investigation was successful in breaking up a major drug trafficking operation; in 2010, a DEA operation he led named Agent Orange saw the arrests of 60 people associated with a Mexican cartel.

Trafficking Schedule 1 and 2 drugs — like cocaine, LSD, methamphetamine and marijuana — can carry decades-long prison sentences.

But in this case, it doesn’t appear to be a case of nepotism gone bad. Furay was eventually indicted on four felony counts and could be facing up to 215 years in prison. While the indictments took a long time to be handed down, it turned out that this was due to a back up with Texas state crime labs. It took eight months for the state lab to confirm that the drugs found in Furay’s apartment were real and once that happened, she was indicted.

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