VIDEO: ‘Harvard lib’ gets first job, until ‘white male’ boss dares to ask why she’s 2 hrs late

VIDEO: ‘Harvard lib’ gets first job, until ‘white male’ boss dares to ask why she’s 2 hrs late

By Right Wing News’ McIntosh

There is a new parody video that has just hit social media and it’s serving as a wake-up call for millennials with a safe space outlook on life. It uproariously projects how it looks when young liberals are faced with their very first job out of school. The real world skills are so much more different from previous generations and that is something that should be studied. The animal instinct to survive has been robbed from this generation and replaced with a sense of entitlement, no matter how good you are.

Not going to fly in the real world.

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The video, from “The Conservative Millennial” Allie Stuckey mocks the first day at a new job by a left wing, safe-spacer fresh from her safe-space of college and her professors.

“I just graduated from college last week. Harvard actually. And I started my new job on Monday so obviously on Sunday night I wanted to go out with my friends and celebrate. It was a late night, so Monday morning, first thing I rolled in around 10:30.”

Things got a little dicey when her fabricated “white, male,” boss asked her where she had been and why she was late to work.

“Where have I been? I’ve been celebrating and I’ve been partying and then I’ve been sleeping and I’ve been resting because, you know what, this is a stressful time.”

“I feel a little bit pressured and a little bit endangered right now. I do not feel safe so I’ll just leave and come back when you change your tune Mr. white male boss.”

But the millennial was in for the shock of her small, meaningless life when reality came crashing into her when her fanciful boss fired her.

“This is the white male patriarchy at work,” she claimed.

But the indignant, triggered millennial had a plan to teach her boss a lesson, because you just know that she just couldn’t let the injustice, ride.

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