The Alabama student who tricked her parents, stole her tuition money and fled to Syria, and is now radicalizing other Americans into carrying out ‘drive-by’ terror attacks on U.S. soil

Generally when college students don’t want to actually be in college, they cash in their tuition to buy a car or a lot of beer. One student took the money to instead declare war on America.


Hoda Muthana, 20, spoke out about her decision to ditch her life as a college student in Hoover, Alabama, after being persuaded by terrorists that it was her duty as a Muslim.

Now the radicalized former student has called for drive-by shootings in America on Memorial Day and for blood to be spilled.

Mu Muthana, who lived with her moderate Muslim family until she fled to Raqqa, Syria, revealed her path to terror in an interview with BuzzFeed News.

She wasn’t named in the original piece, but was named by the Birmingham News.  No word on if Buzzfeed is following up with ‘Top 10 Cats Who Look like Jihadist CoEds.”

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