Cop Didn’t Think He Was Doing Anything ‘Extraordinary,’ but Even the Mayor Disagreed

When this police officer stopped to help a kid with his bicycle, I don’t think he expected to be a social media star.  It’s good to see a side of the police that the news has been lacking as of late.


Officer Cody Remy was on patrol on Saturday when he reportedly saw a child with a broken bicycle. He pulled over his police cruiser and got out to help the kid, according to officials.

As he worked on the bike, he had no idea anyone was watching — which are usually the moments that reveal people’s true character.

The Mayor of Bridgeport said the officer, “…doesn’t think he did anything extraordinary. But I disagree. The picture speaks for itself. And, I’ll leave it up to others in our community and beyond to decide for themselves.” We agree.

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