Try to keep count of how many times Hillary Clinton replies with this particular phrase during her meeting with New Hampshire workers [Video]

It’s really hard work putting up with the riffraff – just ask Hillary Clinton. Can you imagine having to pretend you give a crap while listening to some working stiff drone on about his concerns? What’s an oligarch to do? Clinton looks bored to death here. Of course with her it is hard to tell as she has the emotional charisma of a dead fish, but still… Bet she couldn’t wait to escape to the Scooby bus.

From TheBlaze:

During a meeting with New Hampshire workers on Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apparently replied “mmm hmm” at least 88 times.

It didn’t take long for the Washington Free Beacon to put together one of its trademark supercut videos highlighting every single one, sarcastically noting that Clinton knows how to show her “interest in the people.”

From The Washington Free Beacon:

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a roundtable with furniture employees in New Hampshire Monday, and while they spoke she had to somehow show she was listening.

That meant saying “mmm hmm” a lot. 88 times, by our count.

Interestingly, Clinton, a friend of Wall Street, does not sound particularly different from Matthew McConaughey’s chest-thumping stock broker in The Wolf of Wall Street.

You do realize that sitting there and nodding, while going “mmm hmm” basically means that she is not listening, doesn’t give a flying crap, is bored and can’t stand the speaker, right? It’s the political equivalent of patting someone on the head and saying “there, there…” She probably even has an ear piece where someone prompts her to answer when absolutely necessary, so she will wake up and come alive. Which for the Hildebeast is quite a feat. Why do people even bother with her? She stages everything – she’s an absolute fake. When you query a liar, you are bound to get lies. Save your breath.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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