These Little Silica Packets Seem Useless… But Don’t EVER Throw Them Away – Here’s Why

These Little Silica Packets Seem Useless… But Don’t EVER Throw Them Away – Here’s Why

It seems the little silica packet that you find in almost every new item, purses, shoes, etc…have additional uses! Typically, they are just something that gets thrown away…but here are several ways to use them, that will have you collecting them in lieu of tossing them…


Dry Out Those Musty Smells

Closets and drawers can get musty, old smells over time, especially if you live in a humid climate. Toss in a few silica packets to keep your clothes fresh and odor-free for years at a time.

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Watered-Down Electronics

Dropping your electronics in water or getting them wet in the rain can be a death sentence, but sometimes drying them out can save the day at the last minute. Rice is usually the recommended solution but silica packets work even better.

Preserve Your Precious Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are delicate, beautiful and way too easy to break. Add some silica packets in with the tissue paper when storing your beautiful ornaments to preserve the color and sparkle for years to come.

No More Rusty Tools

A few silica packets in a toolbox will do wonders to prevent moisture and the resulting rust from seeping in.

Smelly Gym Bags Are A Thing Of The Past

No one likes the smell of their gym bag, but almost all of that odor comes from moisture and sweat. Banish all the moisture with a few silica packets and your gym bag will smell fresher than ever.

Who knew…? They are worth so much more than they seemed.

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