WHOA! Look What Major Clothing Company Is BOWING Down To Sharia Fashion…

WHOA!  Look What Major Clothing Company Is BOWING Down To Sharia Fashion…

The West is engaged in a war with the Islamic world. While we should absolutely decimate those who kill in the name of Allah, we must also be careful to work to preserve our own Western culture. That includes resisting Sharia law and the restrictive principles therein. Unfortunately, clothing manufacturer Dolce and Gabbana has opted to bow to Sharia fashions in their new line.


Fashionistas, don’t you know Arab is IN?

Let’s all go sharia fabulous! None other than luxury Italian designers Dolce and Gabbana are launching their first collection of abayas and hijabs.

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Forbes says it may be their smartest business decision in years: “While growth in luxury sales in established markets like the U.S. and Europe is increasingly dependent on tourism, high-end fashion is positively booming in the Middle East.

Management consultancy Bain recently reported that sales of personal luxury goods in the Middle East hit $8.7 billion in 2015 — up from $6.8 billion the year before.

Women from wealthy oil states have long expressed their flair for fashion with pricey handbags and shoes, visible when worn with an abaya and hijab.

Many of these women are already consumers of designer apparel, often wearing brands including Dolce & Gabbana head-to-toe underneath their modest abayas, viewable in the privacy of their homes or among other women.”

Well, they’re in for a treat!

Style.com/Arabia says, “For the most part, the collection comes in neutral hues—luxe black and sandy beige—while a sprinkling of abayas capture the Sicilian spirit of the house with printed daisies, lemons, and lush red roses. The abayas and hijabs come in sheer georgette and satin weave charmeuse fabrics and include copious lace details along hems.

They also appear to feature a lightweight and dramatic drape, which makes this debut collection rife with special occasion overlays to be worn to celebrate the inimitable dolce vita that is distinct to us in the Arab world.“

Pardon my bias, but I was unaware there was much dolce vita in the Arab world. I suppose I read too much news about beheadings, stonings, suicide bombings and crucifixions.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see the “diffusion line” they create for Target. Yes, I’m kidding, but you never know…

What makes this so disappointing is not that the company has engaged in the Middle Eastern market. What makes this upsetting is that Dolce and Gabbana had an opportunity to help urged less-restrictive dress for women in the Middle East and instead, decided to bow to these ludicrous restrictions.

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