This Is What Fallen Texas Deputy Was Doing Before His Murder

This Is What Fallen Texas Deputy Was Doing Before His Murder

The #BlackLivesMatter movement and other hateful fringe groups that target cops preach the idea that all those who wear the blue uniform are bigoted and racist.

However, they could not be more wrong and fallen Texas Deputy Darren Goforth is a perfect example of that.

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The media have reported that Texas Deputy Darren Goforth was pumping gas into his squad car when he was killed by an anti-cop zealot who snuck up behind him and shot him multiple times. But the media haven’t reported what Goforth was doing before his death.

Kevin Nguyen has come forth to describe a kind and compassionate Goforth not previously depicted by reports after the officer’s shooting. Surprisingly, Nguyen was a young, small-time criminal who often interacted with Goforth for all the wrong reasons.

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Nguyen recently told KHOU that Goforth respected everyone, even those who had broken the law previously.

“When it wasn’t about business, he didn’t need to be the tough person,” said Nguyen. “I would see him at the gas station. I could have a full-long conversation with him, and he knows what I’ve done in the past, and he would still talk to me like a normal person.”

Nguyen recounted the day he was running late for a job interview and knocked down a gate at the end of his neighborhood with his car. He was stopped by Goforth and arrested. But the deputy understood the situation and processed Nguyen quickly so the youth could get to his job interview on time.

“Out of all people, he was such a good cop,” remarked Nguyen.

Thanks to the race war that the Obama administration has instigated, good cops like Goforth are labeled blindly as bad cops.

And because of that, the country lost a phenomenal cop and a kind-hearted man.

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