TOP U.S. Immigration Official Just Admitted DAUNTING Truth To Congress…VIDEO

TOP U.S. Immigration Official Just Admitted DAUNTING Truth To Congress…VIDEO

Conservative pundits have been screaming at the top of our lungs that the influx of refugees is extremely dangerous for American citizens. It has been established before that the vetting process is deeply flawed and it should worry everyone.

While Progressive/Liberals mocked us, calling us xenophobes, Islamophobes and bigots, an Obama official has finally validated our concerns and suggested that it’s much worse than we believed.

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Sen. Ted Cruz read a memo during a Wednesday hearing that came directly from the Department of Homeland Security. In it, it said that the “refugee program is particularly vulnerable to fraud due to loose evidentiary requirements where at times the testimony of an applicant alone is sufficient for approval.”

It also confirmed our worst fear, that lying is “easy to commit yet difficult to investigate.”

Cruz then let loose on the Department of Homeland Security:

“This strikes me as a recipe for fraud, if we are letting refugees in based on what they claim to be, despite warnings of the FBI that we can’t vet these people.”

He also wouldn’t let the director of Citizenship and Immigration Services at DHS, Leon Rodriguez, get away with simply attacking the accuracy of the memo.

“[…] true or false that the testimony of the applicant alone can be sufficient for approval?”

Like liars do, he avoided answering the question directly, which always, ALWAYS, always means the answer is not “no.”

“It is considered, it depends on the case


There are always cases where the testimony is not corroborated by documents.”

Watch the video below:

Cruz pressed the issue again, sick of Rodriguez’s dancing around the truth.

“Mr. Rodriguez, it’s a very simple question. … Is it true or false that the testimony of the applicant alone can be sufficient for approval?”

Finally, after spewing garbage and avoiding the question, Rodriguez finally gave him a semi-straight answer.

“I am acknowledging that yes, testimony can be the basis for the grant of a refugee, but it needs to be tested against other information that we know — about the country conditions, at a minimum.”

After Sen. Jeff Sessions admonished Rodriguez for not giving clear answers, Cruz tagged back in and went right for the jugular.

“We keep seeing instances over and over again of refugees coming to America with an intention to engaging in terrorism, and ISIS has made clear that they intend to exploit our refugee program, to send terrorists to America to commit murder. To murder innocent Americans. How can you assure the American people that we are not right now admitting more terrorists who would wage jihad against our nation?”

Rodriguez’s answer caused me to be even LESS confident in the government’s vetting process than I was before and I didn’t even know that was possible!

“Because we conduct the process in a manner that is designed to do everything in our power to screen out individuals who mean us harm … including by [the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees], the fact that people are interviewed multiple times even before my office sees them.”

Do you think they’re doing “everything in their power,” or are they just opening the doors and handing out party favors?

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