Trump Releases DAMNING Video Exposing Hillary’s Health Problems

Trump Releases DAMNING Video Exposing Hillary’s Health Problems

Why is no none willing to recognize the elephant in the room? This presidential campaign is atrocious. Does the Democrat party really have NO ONE else to run for them other than Hillary ‘Satan’ Clinton herself?

What of this makes any sense at all? The woman failed completely as Secretary of State and we know this. How is it that she can so easily brush that off and then throw her hat in to run for the President of the United States?

I will admit, I am very concerned for the future of this country. Not as much for myself as I am for the ignorant Americans who refuse to understand what is happening in their own country. Those are the Americans who are going to be in for a whole lot of SHOCK when the enemy (and there are many) comes knocking at the gates.

The sick part of this all, is that we have Americans that don’t know what they don’t know. They are living day to day only concerned and aware of what their own lives put in front of them. Not a thought in their mind about the needs of this country in order to keep it the country they love.

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This is how ‘stupid’ is allowed to run rampant. It is how corruption is able to take over D.C. without any resistance other than a few good men who have yet to have their souls bought out by the greed and need to ‘get gain’.

This is also how very dark and damaging secrets of those that call themselves our leaders are hidden in plain sight. The ignorance of the American people becomes a ‘safe place’ for the corrupt.

The worst kind of American is not the one that purposely pushes corruption, but the one that casts a blind eye to the truth and does nothing about the corrupt.

Trump has now released a video with some pretty damning evidence supporting reasons why Hillary Clinton must be kept from entering the White House again.

I’d like to think we could spread the word and get this video circulated. However, I don’t know if Obama’s America will allow that to happen…

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