Trump Reveals the First Thing He’ll Do as President… LIBERALS LIVID!

Trump Reveals the First Thing He’ll Do as President… LIBERALS LIVID!

HAH! If there is anything Trump can do, and do VERY well…it’s piss people off. With his newest announcement on what he’ll do as President, there is no exception to this either…this time it’s the LIBS who will be smoking out their ears!

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“I may cut Department of Education,” Trump told reporters. “I believe Common core is a very bad thing. I believe that we should be—you know, educating our children from Iowa, from New Hampshire, from South Carolina, from California, from New York. I think it should be local education.”

Extreme as his views may be, many Americans agree with Trump on this one, believing that the Department of Education has turned into a massive bureaucracy, more focused on indoctrinating students with biased liberal ideals rather than educating them on the facts.

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Trump believes that getting rid of the Department of Education would give parents more power over what their children learn. The focus, he hopes, would once again be on subjects like literature and math.

Whether Trump could actually follow through with his proposal to eliminate the Common Core remains to be seen.

“While Common Core is promoted indirectly by the Department of Education, it is still adopted individually by state governments, and the federal government does not control it,” Daily Caller reporter Blake Neff commented.

I personally will LOVE…no, no…more than love, I will forever celebrate the day that COMMONCORE is abolished! This is why I now homeschool my kids. If they can get back to the basics, and stop trying to dumb down our kids, by KILLING COMMONCORE, I would be forever grateful.

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