Watch: Reporter Caught On Hot Mic Helping Clinton Campaign. She Didn’t Know She Was Live…

Watch: Reporter Caught On Hot Mic Helping Clinton Campaign. She Didn’t Know She Was Live…

The mainstream media is a joke. While partisan politics has been infused within the mainstream media since the days of Walter Cronkite, much of the mainstream media is shameless in their relentless promotion of leftist causes, narratives and candidates. A hot mic caught exactly how “in the bag” MSNBC is for Hillary Clinton as it caught a supposed journalist prepping an interviewee on the kinds of questions she will be asking. Check it out.


The media has often been accused of picking sides in politics or pulling its punches against certain individuals, and at least one instance of this seems to have been caught on tape.

Following Sunday’s Democratic debate, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Corespondent Ari Melbel was hosting post debate interviews for the network.

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After interviewing Bernie Sanders’ senior adviser Tad Devine, he turned to NBC corespondent Kristen Welker, who was in the process of interviewing Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jen Palmieri.

“We go right to Kristen Welker,” said Melber.

As the audio feed switched on, Welker can be heard tipping off Palmieri on the questions she will be asked.

“OK… OK… And I’m going to ask you about Flint [Michigan],” said Welker.

The feed immediately switched back to Melber who repeated, “Kristen go ahead, you’re live. Kristen Welker in the spin room, I believe she has the Clinton communications director with her, go ahead Kristen.”

Still not knowing she was on air, Welker can be heard again saying, “OK, thank you. I think this is the last question.”

Seeming to become frustrated, Melber said, “You know we have Kristen Welker, we’re looking at her, she couldn’t quite hear me before, can you hear me now? If you can go ahead.”

It took several seconds for Welker to realize she was on air, and even after the interview began there seemed to be a continuing delay. The interview began by asking Palmieri about the debate before switching to the subject of Flint, which she had been prepped on beforehand.

We should harbor no false hope that the mainstream media, especially MSNBC, is fair. However, it’s clear that they have no intention of even offering a fair shake to their fellow leftists as the mainstream media is dutifully working to provide cover for Hillary and her band of coconspirators.

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