TRY To Watch As She Captures This Animal Squirming To Escape Off The Table, And Eats It Alive! VIDEO

TRY To Watch As She Captures This Animal Squirming To Escape Off The Table, And Eats It Alive! VIDEO

I’m not much of a sushi eater. I’ve tried it, but never developed a taste for it. However, even the most-enthusiastic sushi connoisseurs prefer their sushi to be dead before eating it. This woman, however, is nauseating viewers around the globe as she eats a LIVE octopus.


Raw food is the latest health craze.

But even those most devoted to the fad might think twice before trying this at home.

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This video shows the stomach-turning moment a woman ate an entire live octopus in a single mouthful during a trip to Norangjin fish market in Seoul, South Korea.

The self-confessed foodie spends more than a minute trying to pick up the sticky octopus from the table and takes another 90 seconds to chew the animal as it wriggles in her mouth.

The disgusting episode was captured on camera by the woman’s dining companion, Ben, and later uploaded to YouTube.

The clip starts with the woman explaining confidently what she is about to do. But when Ben tells her it is time to eat the octopus she becomes squeamish and says, ‘I haven’t even touched this yet!’

She reaches down to lift the octopus out of the bowl of water where it is swimming alongside a second live snack, which she says is intended for Ben.

However the octopus is reluctant to go and clings on to the bottom of the dish with its tentacles.

After finally prising the octopus away the woman becomes scared and flings it on to the table.

Spotting its chance to escape, the octopus squirms across the restaurant table cloth before it is flipped over by the woman as she tries once again to pick it up.

The woman squeals and giggles as she tries several times to lift it to her mouth – each time throwing it to the table when she loses her nerve.

She tells her companion ‘she can’t hold on to it’ because it is too slimy, prompting laughter from a nearby table.

Finally, after some encouragement from Ben, she stretches out the tentacles and sucks the octopus headfirst into her mouth.

She giggles as she furiously chews the rubbery octopus, wincing and closing her eyes as she tries to swallow.

After more than a minute trying to keep the dish down, she turns to the camera and flashes her empty mouth.

Asked about her experience, she says ‘it was scarier before I actually put it in my mouth’.

I’m not sure what kind of psychological damage would compel someone to eat a live octopus, but this young lady seems to be willing to push the extremes of the “raw foods” craze to a whole new level!

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