Two Millennial Girls Do ‘Fast-Food, Fat-Shaming Social Experiment’…One Gets A DRINK Thrown In Her Face! – VIDEO

Two Millennial Girls Do ‘Fast-Food, Fat-Shaming Social Experiment’…One Gets A DRINK Thrown In Her Face! – VIDEO

A McDonald’s customer got a hero’s welcome after pouring his large soft drink over a girl who had been ‘fat shaming’ another man that was in line.


Wow, how roles have changed just in these last couple years. It used to be that the man was usually found doing the fat shaming and the woman would be so incensed, she would dump her drink over the man’s head. At least that’s how I thought it went. Not anymore apparently.

The woman and her friend totally mock the helpless guy about his weight, as he just stands taking it like a schmuck. Here’s the trick, the whole thing was staged. It was one of those YouTube, social experiments that millennials do to show how enlightened they are, that they can point out faults in other people so self-righteously, treating the public like a hamster in an experiment that no doubt benefits them with likes on a social media page…you know, one of those things.

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Well anyways, the video just went viral this week and had surprising results.

The blonde and brunette pair say that he either needed to leave, or order a salad because he was way too fat to be eating anything else.

As the actor plays his part right and tries to get a response out, the girls interrupt him. But at least he received an arm around the shoulder from another guy who happened to show his support.

From out of shot, the star of the video emerges and gives the girls a question in a very forceful manner.

He lifts the shirt he’s wearing, exposing a belly and proclaims:

‘I’ve got a belly as well, what?’

The acting girls tried to reason that he was nothing compared to the ‘fatty’ actor that was playing his role, oh so well.

The next thing you hear is a ‘how dare you?’ and a splash, as the man empties his soft drink on the brunette’s head!

This worthless, feel-good experiment was aimed at seeing whether or not people in the fast food chain would stop and help him (why they have to segregate fast food chain eaters from other folks is weird, but okay…), or just sit back and let him take the abuse.

One man passed the millennial standard…

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