This Chinese Company Has Made It Mandatory For Female Staff To Kiss Their Boss Every Day!

This Chinese Company Has Made It Mandatory For Female Staff To Kiss Their Boss Every Day!

Seems professional, doesn't it?

Seems professional, doesn’t it?

Is it ever okay to mandate whether a woman can or cannot kiss someone? Because at this company in China it has become mandatory for women to kiss their employer every morning. After coming in for the day, they must stand in a line and individually approach their boss. Each person then has to approach their boss and kiss him. At what point is this the culture? And when is it just completely inappropriate?

When two workers expressed discomfort and refused to kiss their employer, they were denied the right to not kiss their boss. And eventually both women were let go, because they were unwilling to cooperate in this forced expression of affection. More than half of the staff is female. And somehow only the female employees are expected to take part in this act of submission. Men, of course, are left out of the practice.

Why are they being forced to do this? What justification, you may ask, is behind this absurd rule? Because it builds…. and I promise you… I am not making this up… It builds “work culture.” Yep. You heard me right. Kissing your employer everyday will build the work culture and environment of the work place.

Maybe you are a little bit curious as to what it is that this company offers or produces. This company in Beijing sells brewery machinery. In what world does that necessitate a string of daily kisses from all your lovely female employees? But nothing has changed?

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How would we react if this type of culture was implemented in the United States of America? I can pretty much guarantee that would never be considered acceptable. In fact, it sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Even in a tumultuous and somewhat disturbing election, we have a lot to be grateful for as Americans. Anyone else grateful that we have our rights protected here?

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