Two Sudanese Christian Leaders Arrested For ‘Spying,’ Could Face Death Penalty

Two Sudanese Christian Leaders Arrested For ‘Spying,’ Could Face Death Penalty

Though liberals claim the United States is tops in discriminating against those with different (or lack of) religious beliefs, the country is nothing like the Sudan. Their National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), dominated by hardline Islamists, has arrested two Christian pastors for alleged spying.


Fox News reports: “Two Christian pastors from South Sudan who traveled north to Sudan and were arrested on charges of spying could face the death penalty when their trial begins next week, according to their attorneys.”

“Yat Michael Ruot and Peter Yein Reith, both Presbyterian pastors from the breakaway Christian nation of South Sudan, are being held by Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services on charges of undermining the constitution and espionage. Their supporters say their arrest and pending trial is just the latest effort by the militant Islamist government in Khartoum to stamp out Christianity.” The pair also was charged with “inciting organized groups” (in other words gathering together with a few other Christians for prayer or Bible study) and “offending Islamic beliefs,” (does that sound like anything you’ve heard lately?) which call for imprisonment.”

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, a hard-liner, vowed to lead the charge to take Sudan back to the stone ages, instituting an Islamic state operating under the strictest interpretation of Sharia Law. You know what that means. Only the Muslim religion and the Arabic language are legal and if you’re not ok with that, off with your head.

Suspiciously though, the NISS officials have demanded $12,000 from the Church for the release of the pastors-proving that they are no better than legalized kidnappers and that it’s not a matter of religious principal. Just like the Western capitalists they love to hate it’s ABOUT THE MONEY. Local church leaders said they are fearful to pay this amount, prompting the NISS to arrest other Christians in order to make the same monetary demands.

While the American left worries about offending Islam, fundamentalist Muslims use their energy to attempt to decimate all opposition, and especially Christians.

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