[VIDEO] Redneck Tries To Run Biker Off The Road -What Happens Next is PRICELESS

Just no words for this idiot redneck who definitely got his when he went nuclear sassy pants on a biker who really couldn’t care less about him- except that he was trying to run him off the road:


Sometimes there really are no words for people and this is case in point.

For some reason, one redneck decided to try and run a biker minding his own business off the road.

At least the biker wasn’t prepared to take any sh*t, and taught the lunatic shouting at him one hell of a lesson, and it’s safe to say he won’t be stopping to harass and/or run anyone else off the road for the foreseeable future. Especially if they have friends

I never have understood why people act the way they do, and this class act is no exception. I’ll just be over here shaking my head. UGH.

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