U.S. School gives assignment created by group tied to Hamas requiring Teens to Promote Islam to 8 –yr-olds.

U.S. School gives assignment created by  group tied to Hamas requiring Teens to Promote Islam to 8 –yr-olds.

It was only a matter of time before the Left found a way to undermine the foundation of America and put the Muslim religion ABOVE Judeo-Christian beliefs. A Michigan teacher assigned a project to her class that has come under great fire and scrutiny. The assignment has been making the rounds on social media and national news after an outraged mom, Jeannette Hall, put a picture of her 10th grade daughter’s rubric on Facebook.


Hall’s daughter, Briana, attends Jenison Public Schools in Jenison, Michigan. The assignment, entitled “Introduction to Islam” was part of a World History class. It was designed by the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) a group with known ties to Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and other terrorist organizations.

“It was an assignment given to my 10th grade daughter in her World History class. The assignment was to make a pamphlet geared toward a third grade audience. They did not actually hand them out to third graders. This assignment upset me because they are teaching that Allah is the same God of the Christians and Jews. This paper, in my opinion, is promoting Islam by describing Allah’s names as beautiful. To me this is not simply factual as it should be. I have a meeting on Tuesday with the principle of Jenison High School to discuss my concerns.”

The prophet Muhammad is portrayed in the assignment as a peaceful messenger of “God” who developed Islam through a spiritual revelation. It also taught students that Allah is the ONE and ONLY god. No where did it include that Muhammad was a mass murderer, terrorist, misogynist, cult leader, rapist, torturer, assassin, narcissist, and a pedophile.

The 10th grade students were to take the propaganda they learned about Islam and create an informational pamphlet suitable for third grade students. Other religions studied in the course were given quizzes after the unit was finished. Islam was the only one where propaganda material for third grade students was required at the unit’s completion.

In the meeting, Dr. Brandon Graham and others in attendance carefully listened to my concerns and are considering making some changes. One change discussed was adding a disclaimer on the Introducing Islam packet stating: “this is what the Islam religion believes”, and also the ‘PAMPHLET’ assignment will be discussed when they do their annual re-evaluation of assignments for next year.”

Parents have allowed themselves to be cut off so far from their children’s education that kids can be led down a slippery slope of conflicting principalities months to years before the parent is even aware. This ‘lesson’ is just one example of many that are being used to conflict with traditional American beliefs and values. Have you had dinner at the table with your child today to find out what your kid is learning in school?

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