Veterans, Including a Ranger, a SEAL and a Delta Force Operator, Respond to ISIS Threats to Target Them At Home

Veterans, Including a Ranger, a SEAL and a Delta Force Operator, Respond to ISIS Threats to Target Them At Home

ISIS issued a call for supporters in America to start targeting veterans in the country, to find where they live and kill them and their families.

IJ Review asked six different veterans, including an Army Ranger, a Navy SEaL and a Delta Force operator what they thought about this latest threat.

Turns out, no one was surprised:

3. Jonathan Gilliam – Former Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent and Federal Air Marshal


Q: What kind of steps should the Armed Forces take when threats like this our made?

“There has been a decline in force protection and awareness. If you’re serving in the Armed forces what you think on a social media is really not something that you should be outwardly broadcasting, unless you have been discharged.


Military members are soft targets, they are not hard to find. The Department of Defense should stop reacting and already have in place force protection standards. It should be known that if you intrude into a military member’s home, they have the right to use deadly force. If executives are not conscious of the lack of force protection, they are going to be reacting to every threat. And if they are already have a plan in place, all they have to do is respond.


Then, military members and their families will know how to respond to the threat and be prepared.


All you have to do is turn on the TV and realize that we are over in Iraq and Syria. And if ISIS is able to take over more border crossings and cities, more people will die. If they take Baghdad, just remember that the Ottoman Empire killed over a million Armenians, that’s the kind of ideas the Islamic Caliphate is trying to push forward. And if they come here, they won’t recognize you for your beliefs, believe like them or you will be killed.”

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Duane Lester

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