US Heroes/Veterans WRONGFULLY Imprisoned: The Shocking Story Of Raven 23

US Heroes/Veterans WRONGFULLY Imprisoned: The Shocking Story Of Raven 23

Being a soldier in today’s military is risky; it’s not just risky because of the nature of combat, it’s risky because every action taken by soldiers now is subject to hyper-political scrutiny and armchair-quarterbacking. This is the story of four American soldiers who have been sold-out by their own country in order to protect a flimsy, increasingly-improbably narrative of events:


Clint Lorance, Charles Martland, the SEALS of Extortion 17…these are stories we’ve shared with you many times – stories of fine Warriors and their families who’ve been betrayed by the very nation they pledged their lives to server. Sadly, we have yet another…

This video tells their story.

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Nicholas Slatten, Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard, were all found guilty in October 2014 and sentenced in April 2015 for their role in allegedly killing 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians, including women and children, and wounding 18 others at Nisur Square in Baghdad, Iraq, on Sept. 16, 2007.

But as Paul Slough’s wife Christin wrote to us, There were no autopsies, not a single bullet or bullet fragment from an alleged victim or victim vehicle was tied back to the four would-be defendants, and pictures taken minutes after the gunfight were entirely devoid of the tell-tale signs of something traumatic.

As a matter of fact, a preliminary report created by the Department of State confirmed that the physical evidence they reviewed was consistent with the statements given by the men that they faced threats, even though the prosecution would eventually state that they faced no threats and had not been subjected to any incoming fire that day.

Three weeks after the incident took place, with no crime scene control, the United States FBI was sent in to do what the Department of State wouldn’t… find someone guilty to appease the Iraqi government. The FBI accepted the Iraqi Police investigation as fact, regardless of the blatant tampering and errors that would never pass muster in the United States, and through a long series of procedural maneuvers, finally presented the case to a civilian jury in Washington DC in June of 2014, even though the case had been entirely dismissed by a federal judge once prior for egregious constitutional rights violations.

The four men, decorated veterans of our armed forces (two Army, and two Marines) with stellar service records from both their time in the armed forces and their time working as contractors, now sit in jail.

If you’d like to learn more, visit Christin says, You may notice a lot of references to #keepthefaith. That was the first and only message my husband was able to get to me from the time of the jury’s decision until he was allowed his first phone call many hours later from the D.C. County Jail. It has been, and will continue to be, our battle cry until all wrongfully prosecuted service people have been returned home to their families.

You’ll find trial exhibits, records, answers to your questions and more on our website at or find us on Facebook or Twitter under Free Raven 23. If you’d like to sustain our mission financially, you can donate at or buy our shirts at

Whether these heroes committed these deeds or not, it is unconscionable that the military and the nation they served can so coldly turn their back on them.

The fact that something clearly appears fishy about the lack of evidence supporting the contention that these Iraqis were murdered in cold blood should give any reasonable American pause and should force the military to thoroughly review the alleged crime and their alleged complicity in it.

These men deserve so much better than they have received.

My Husband Is In Prison – Free Raven 23Our loved ones have been in prison a year, to the day. This could happen to you if we don’t do something to curtail a runaway administration that doesn’t care about its citizens. Watch this short video to hear our story, and then please share it with a friend. #keepthefaith

Posted by Free Raven 23 on Thursday, October 22, 2015

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