US Marine And FBI Agent Turned Muslim Extremist Who Worked With World Trade Center Bomber Radicalizing Dozens Of Prisoners Behind Bars

US Marine And FBI Agent Turned Muslim Extremist Who Worked With World Trade Center Bomber Radicalizing Dozens Of Prisoners Behind Bars

Islamic extremism is invading prisons thanks to Muslim extremists like Marcus Dwayne Robertson, who apparently is converting his fellow inmates while serving time at John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Seminole County, Florida.

Robertson, also known as Abu Taubah, who has taken it upon himself should most likely be locked up in some sort of solitary confinement by authorities, considering he has a track record of turning your average prisoner into a fighter for Islam.

When Pamela Geller, who is currently seen as a target by ISIS, says that the country is being radicalized by Islam, these are the instances she is referring to.

Islamic extremist

According to prison authorities, the man spends most of his time at the mosque, but the rest of his time seems to be focused on discussing his faith with other inmates.

Those talks seem to work too, as in 2011, Robertson successfully radicalized 36 men, leading to the decision that he be kept in solitary confinement.

Federal authorities are now working to make that confinement more permanent for the man as a result of the horrific harm his religious principals are teaching other inmates. 

‘The United States believes that the defendant is still an extremist, just as he was in the early 1990s,’ prosecutors say in one filing obtained by Fox News.

This in reference to the fact that he worked as a bodyguard for the sheikh responsible for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

It is not his possible knowledge of bombs and weaponry that seems to have authorities the most concerned, but rather his remarkably powerful gift of persuasion.

‘The only differences are that the defendant is now focused on training others to commit violent acts as opposed to committing them himself, and the violent acts are to occur overseas instead of inside the United States,’ said prosecutors.

Robertson may be a phenomenal persuader, but has it ever occurred to the authorities that prison inmates might be the easiest to persuade because they feel like they have no hope or life to enter into once they are out of prison?

Even better, is that Robertson’s lawyers claim that he is simply trying to practice his religion.

Practicing your faith would be going to church on Sunday and reading the Bible, not actively converting and radicalizing other inmates to believe the hateful and terror-driven extremism of Islam. Nice try though.

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