VIDEO: Devoted Married Couple For 62 Years REUNITED After 8 Months Of Being Kept Apart!

VIDEO: Devoted Married Couple For 62 Years REUNITED After 8 Months Of Being Kept Apart!

Wolf and Anita were teenagers when they fell in love. Their families lived in the same apartment complex in Dusseldorf, Germany and they have been inseparable for 62 years. Mr. Gottschalk is now 83 and his wife is 81. This year was a difficult year for them because they were separated for 8 months!


They got married in 1954. While Anita worked in retail, Wolf worked in construction as a Merchant Marine. Shortly after marrying, they moved from Germany to British Columbia. They were always together as they built their life together with a son and two girls. They were forced to live separately because there was no space in the care homes that could accommodate the needs of the married couple. Their luck changed when Wolf and Anita reunited once again — sharing a passionate kiss and sweet words to each other and they embraced.

Anita was heard saying to Wolfram:

‘Look at me, look at me,’ Anita told her husband Wolf as they were reunited. ‘I love you.’


The couple’s only son, Bill Gottschalk, 59 yrs-old, was very upset about his parents separation, “I’m afraid that something is going to happen because of this problem to them, emotionally,” he said, his voice breaking. “They need their time together. If either one of them were to pass away while they’re separated, it would be devastating for them and the family. They need to be together, I worry about my mom all the time. They say grown men don’t have tears, but if you look at me now, you’ll see them.”

The local Health Authority had been working to get the couple back together. “We certainly understand how heartbreaking this is for the family. It’s upsetting for us as well.” WATCH the awesome video of their reunion:

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