Anti-Hillary protester harassed for controversial sign and HORRIBLE mask

Anti-Hillary protester harassed for controversial sign and HORRIBLE mask

Jack Posobiec did a great job if his objective was to be temporarily detained by police for holding up a very controversial sign. Let’s top it off with a healthy serving of humor because Jack also wore a mask that was Hillary Clinton‘s face. And if you want some more juicy details, he was in an orange jumpsuit, suggesting a place where he may think Hillary should be.

Jack’s sign said, “Blacks are Super Predators” and that part stirred the pot and called the kettle. But what most people didn’t notice was the very fine print. No one reads the fine print, right? Above  the word “blacks” it said “Hillary said” and that’s what Jack was trying to tell people.

Jack wasn’t saying that black people are super predators. He was relaying and reminding us what SHE said a long time ago.

You can watch Jack’s video on Periscope.

The police detained him and searched him for a bit. If you care to know the color of the cop, then sure, it was a black cop. But Jack wasn’t arrested or charged with anything. In fact, the police warned him that it wasn’t a good idea to be protesting with such a race-based sign when there could be lots of black voters coming to her rally.

It’s a good thing Jack wasn’t arrested. He was actually protesting very peacefully, unlike the people in the Charlotte riots who are destroying everything and even murdered someone.


The Gateway Pundit – In fact D.C. has some of the most lenient laws for protesters that allow spontaneous street demonstrations that block traffic where arrests can be made only after three prolonged warnings.

Prosobiec was in a public place, not blocking traffic, and was not acting belligerent or threatening. He was exercising his First Amendment rights but as the officer implied because his audience was Black people, he should take his protest elsewhere like the White House of Lafayette Park (same thing, really, as a protest locale.)

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