[VIDEO] Morons Tell Jimmy Kimmel That MLK Gave An ‘Inspirational’ Speech That Morning Noting He Had ‘Gained Weight’

[VIDEO] Morons Tell Jimmy Kimmel That MLK Gave An ‘Inspirational’ Speech That Morning Noting He Had ‘Gained Weight’

Jimmy Kimmel totally cracks me up but this on-the-street comedy sketch really disturbs me as his team find people who admitted to seeing the LIVE speech of Martin Luther King at the Capitol ‘this morning’…. seriously this is the NEW America and you’ve got to see it to believe it!

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Jimmy Kimmel regularly hosts editions of “Lie Witness News” for his late night show. His team has gotten people to think Bruce Jenner was elected mayor of Los Angeles. They’ve gotten them to comment on Judge Judy being elected to the Supreme Court. He’s even convinced a crowd that a $20 Casio was the new Apple iWatch.

But in what Kimmel calls the “most disturbing edition ever,” Kimmel got seven out of 14 people to say they saw Martin Luther King, Jr. give a speech Monday.

Kimmel is right to be disturbed that millennials don’t know that Martin Luther King is dead… and was assassinated for fighting for Civil Rights nearly 50 years ago. It’s a shocking revelation, given that according to the National Center for Education Statistics over the past 100 years government has increased education funding per pupil-per year from $53 in 1915 to $10,337 in 2006… that’s a 19,403.77% increase! Those statistics show a 5,000 % increase in education since the 50’s and funding per child has nearly DOUBLED since I graduated. THIS video is a great representation as to how effective throwing more and more money at education is. Could the US education system be making kids dumber?

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