VIDEO: Retired Colonel Says Hillary Could Face Criminal Charges for Destroying Bengahzi Evidence

VIDEO: Retired Colonel Says Hillary Could Face Criminal Charges for Destroying Bengahzi Evidence


I will never forget the way that Clinton lied, caused Americans to die, and then blew it off. I will never forget my horror or the tears that ran down my face as I watched the news on television. I will not forget those that died. I always wanted some consequences for the seemingly invincible Clinton political machine. Now it looks like there may be hope, yet. A retired colonel is saying THAT HILARY MAY FACE CHARGES FOR DESTROYING VITAL BENGHAZI EVIDENCE:

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Now a new report from NewsMax says that revelations about her conduct following the Benghazi, Libya attacks suggests that Clinton may have more to worry about than just her presidential aspirations.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer told an interviewer that recent allegations of State Department officials hiding and destroying documents prior to handing over information to investigators could lead to criminal charges.

The allegations, first reported by Sharyl Attkisson, involve evidence that would have been reviewed during an investigation into the September 11, 2012, attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission and nearby CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.

Getting to the bottom of the scandal will be difficult for Congressman Trey Gowdy’s House Select Committee on Benghazi, the colonel said, because the remaining facts to be uncovered involve the “inner circle” of the administration, including President Barack Obama and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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Shaffer said that to the degree the allegations can be proven, they could lead to “very serious charges being potentially brought against those who tampered [with] or destroyed documents.”

And possibly whoever ordered such tampering or destruction, it is fair to assume.

If this manipulation of evidence actually occurred and there is any reason to believe that Hillary Clinton had anything to do with it, or even that she ordered it, she can probably start making other plans for 2016. She won’t have to spend time on the campaign trail — her own ambitions will be toast, and no one else in her party will even want to be seen with her.

Maybe this scandal will finally be taken seriously enough to end the Clinton dynasty in America. maybe enough to stop Hilary’s ludicrous 2016 Presidential run. maybe. As for me, I will never forget Benghazi. I will pray for justice every day for those that lost their lives and their families.


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