[VIDEO]Family attorney joins Sharpton to explain why it’s OK for Brown’s stepfather to shout ‘burn this bit*h down!’

The camera-hungry lawyers and the Al Sharpton shysters can say what they want, but actions speak louder than words. Excuses and ‘reasons’ abound below- you will not believe it!:

As the pall of Monday night’s riots still hung over Ferguson, Mo., on Tuesday, CNN aired footage of Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, standing atop a car in front of a Ferguson mob Monday night screaming, “Burn this [expletive] down! Burn this bitch down!”
The mob took the screaming to heart and staged an orgy of riot, looting and burning – all in the cause of “justice” for an 18-year-old who was shot to death while attacking a police officer in August.
Trying to smooth things over, Brown family attorney Benjamin Crump called a news conference to defend the family.
“Don’t condemn them for being human,” Crump said, as “civil rights activist” Sharpton mugged and greeted friends in the background.
“They want people to behave in a responsible, peaceful manner,” Crump said.

Responsible, peaceful and “burn this bitch down.” Right.


Video of the mayhem:


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