Walmart Employee Does The Unthinkable When She Sees Plus-Size Woman Doing THIS!

Walmart Employee Does The Unthinkable When She Sees Plus-Size Woman Doing THIS!

It’s not uncommon for stores to have certain policies about trying clothes on. Policies like “customers must wear underwear to try on clothes” make perfect sense. But a young woman was degraded and humiliated when she went to try on clothes at Walmart and was told that she was disallowed as she would “stretch them out.” Now, this woman is making sure everybody knows about this insulting scene.


A young Canadian woman was left shocked after being told she couldn’t try on clothes at a Walmart because a female employee was worried she would ‘stretch’ them.

Edmonton-based plus-size beauty blogger Shiann Friesen, who runs the YouTube channelShiCurves, was taking part in ‘vlogmas’ – where vloggers create a video for every day in December – when the incident occurred at her local Walmart. She was carrying a handful of clothes, which were all in her size, into the changing room when she was stopped by a female worker.

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The woman told her that she shouldn’t be trying on the items because she would ruin the clothes. Shocked, Shiann began recording the conversation on her phone.

The older woman is seen in the resulting video stating: ‘Don’t try to push it.’

‘Don’t try to put something on that’s obviously not going to fit, that’s all I’m asking,’ she then reiterates, grabbing the hangers out of Shiann’s hand.

‘Don’t stretch it. I’m not trying to be impertinent or anything,’ the woman says before seeming to notice she is being filmed. Shiann then puts her camera away to avoid being asked to delete any of the footage.

As soon as she got back to her car, Shiann recorded another clip of herself explaining how horrified she was at the woman’s behavior, saying: ‘I am honestly so taken aback right now, I am so shocked.’

She went on to claim that the same Walmart employee had also made rude comments to ‘some people who looked like they identified as males but were trying on female clothing’.

‘That was straight up discrimination!’ she adds.

Shiann later explained in a follow-up video, posted last week, that she went on to tell the woman that she planned on buying the sweater anyway so wanted to take it into the fitting room with her.

The woman then granted her permission on the basis that she didn’t try it on and also allegedly went on to say that Shiann ‘clearly didn’t fit’ the men’s extra-large sweater she was carrying and, when Shiann tried on the sweater anyway and told her that it fit just fine, the woman began arguing with her.

After asking the employee to repeat her instructions about ‘not stretching’ the clothes so others could hear, Shiann informed her that she was discriminating against her, to which the woman replied that what she was doing was ‘company policy’.

‘I asked management and it is NOT company policy at all!’ says Shiann in her follow-up video.

The woman also allegedly told of how she had turned away two men who had wanted to try on women’s sweaters because they weren’t allowed to do so ‘because you are men’.

Aside from the discrimination aspect of the story, Shiann also claims that the woman didn’t clean up the change room before letting her in and even asked Shiann to bring back the previous customer’s clothes after using the room.

After the incident, Shiann claims she went to customer service to lodge a complaint against the woman, but was met with little action from the manager.

‘All she said to me was: “Oh, I apologize, I will talk to her,”‘ she explains, adding that she later called Walmart customer service because she didn’t want to just ‘let it go’.

‘All counts of discrimination are equal and they are wrong, and just because I’m not being discriminated against for the color of my skin doesn’t make it any less valid,’ she says.

Daily Mail Online has reached out to Walmart Canada for comment.

Thankfully, she captured this scene on video as I’m not sure I would have believed it otherwise- it’s that absurd.

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