Woman Finds Note In Car From Stranger Admitting To Sick Deed Then Scumbag Also Says THIS!

Woman Finds Note In Car From Stranger Admitting To Sick Deed Then Scumbag Also Says THIS!

When we entrust our property with companies or individuals, there is an agreement that our privacy will not be unnecessarily violated. If we employ a transport company to transport our car, we accept that it may be necessary for them to gain access to the interior of the car. What we don’t assume, however, is that they will fornicate in our cars. Unbelievably, one woman not only had her car used as a hook-up spot, but the weirdo even left her a note about it.


An Alaskan woman was horrified after finding a creepy note had allegedly been left in her car by a transport company worker telling her he’d used her condoms.

Sam Owens had organized for Alaska Car Transport to ship her vehicle to Seattle ready for a trip down to Nevada.

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But she was shocked when picked up her car and found a handwritten note in her makeup bag that had been left in a basket of personal items on the front seat.

Scrawled in child-like writing, the letter read: ‘I took your condoms… used them with a lady co-worker.

‘Would love to tell you about it.’

The author finished the note with his email address and a crudely drawn smiley face.

Owens was disgusted by the note and the theft of her condoms as well as the use of her lipstick.

She also says it has left her ‘fearing for her life’ because ‘an obviously very creepy man’ knows her address, personal details and has seen photographs of her – also left in the car.

But when she confronted the Alaska Car Transport, she says the company refused to apologize for the behavior of their employee and told her they had a right to look through her items to ‘ensure you’re not lying about what’s in your car’.

Owens has since written about her experience on Facebook to warn others against using the firm.

In the post, which has been shared hundreds of time, she said she had only made the unsettling discovered when she was driving through Portland.

‘My lips were dry, so I got into my makeup bag, which had been in a basket in the front seat,’ she explained.

‘I noticed some of my lipstick was missing, and then I found this note. As of today the company is refusing to give me a refund and I’m currently fearing for my life because an obviously very creepy man knows my address and personal information and has seen photos of me that were inside that basket.

‘So be aware if you ship your car with Alaska Car Transport that they will not protect you from creeps and your stuff will be rifled through because, as their manager said to me, they have to ‘ensure you’re not lying about what’s in your car.’

She added that nothing else had been stolen.

DailyMail.com has reached out to Alaska Car Transport for comment.

This story is simply shocking. That a person would do this in another person’s car is disturbing. That he would take her condoms is even more so. That he would write a note about it is deeply disturbing and that he would make such a strange and creepy offer is beyond the pale.

And that the company would dare to defend this behavior is appalling.


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