SARAH PALIN Is Reportedly Endorsing Trump Later Today…But We Didn’t See THIS Coming!

SARAH PALIN Is Reportedly Endorsing Trump Later Today…But We Didn’t See THIS Coming!

Sarah Palin is reportedly announcing which GOP Presidential candidate she will be endorsing later today…but recent tweets and posts to social media have the people wondering if they were wrong on which candidate it would be… all along, and could there be more than just one announcement to come…


Former GOP VP nominee and Tea Party superstar Sarah Palin will reportedly announce her highly-sought endorsement today.

And the one she is rumored to get behind is shocking many, and causing one candidate’s campaign to preemptively lash out at her.

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It all started with this these cryptic Donald Trump announcements on Sunday:

And then on Facebook, with a BIG teaser:

Join me on Tuesday, January 19th at the Iowa State University Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center in Ames, Iowa!…

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sources first presumed it might be Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr., after the pastor’s glowing praise of Trump at his Liberty University speech on Monday. As Iowa radio host (and Cruz supporter) Steve Deace tweeted:

With Ted Cruz counting on the Evangelical vote to take Iowa, this would be a big win for The Donald.

But then a new rumor started gaining traction, and quickly snowballed: Sarah Palin would fly down from Alaska to endorse the billionaire outsider for president.

Townhall’s Guy Benson breached the possibility, and then Deace chimed back in:

Then some enterprising folks checked flight records and found something very interesting:

A private jet from Anchorage scheduled to Des Moines, then hopping over to Tulsa. Exactly mirroring Trump’s campaign itinerary.


Whoever it is that Trump is going on about Endorsing him today, and if there is more than just one announcement he has up his sleeve, it’s going to happen sometime after 3pm -Iowa time, TODAY. Stay tuned…

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